Williams College Commencement Collection


Williams College Commencement Collection


A collection of digital images, objects, and ephemeral material relating to the long history of Williams College Commencement exercises. Highlights of the collection include a 1799 commencement ball ticket and a scarf possibly worn during the 1903 graduation.


Williams College Archives and Special Collections.

Items in the Williams College Commencement Collection Collection

Graduation festivities in front of Hopkins Hall, 1897
People dressed in Commencement robes, followed by musicians and little girls in dresses carrying umbrellas, walk past Hopkins Hall.

Hopkins Hall Commencement, 1897
Commencement crowd in front of Hopkins Hall, including students in robes followed by a band, and other attendees. Horse and carriage can be seen at right.

Invitation to the Williams College Commencement ball, 1823
Printed invitation to Miss Ann Whipple to attend the 1823 Williams College Commencement ball at Sylvester's Assembly-Room; pictures two dancing maidens.

John Sawyer and Mayor Lindsey at Williams College Commencement, 1970
President John E. Sawyer and Mayor John V. Lindsey in academic robes walking on Chapin Lawn, Williams College, 1970; Includes Professor Fred Stocking and honorary degree recipient, Emile Despres.

Lt. Col. Charles W. Whittlesey "leading the procession along Main St.," Williams College Commencement, 1920
Black and white photograph appearing on p. 96 of Williams College in the World War, published 1926. Featuring Col. Hopkins, Lt. Col. Whittlesey, Gov. Coolidge, Dr. Garfield, Maj. Gen. Edwards, and Mr. Warren. Williams College Commencement,…

Male and female student marshals, 1971
A male and female marshal, wearing robes and caps, stand together at commencement.

Members of the Class of 1958 preparing for Commencement
Class of 1958 Students dressing in gowns for Commencement.