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Fitch apologizes for not writing sooner and blames his tardy correspondence on exam stress. He also thanks Milton for his sympathy on the death of his father.

The brothers had had a disagreement in an earlier letter, and Milton assures Myron that all is once again well between them. Milton follows with a discussion of the conflict Americans feel between their desire on the one hand to establish a national…

Williams misses rooming with Milton and wishes to keep in touch.

Myron updates his father on what he's studying and discusses the work he must yet complete before reentering in the fall. He indicates his plans to come home for vacation in a few weeks and makes transportation arrangements.

Horace expresses his appreciation of Milton both as a brother and as a friend. He is enjoying his studies but is also quite homesick and eagerly anticipates his next vacation.

Milton had been ill that winter and Curtis comforts him. Curtis is confused and agitated about what course he will pursue after college and his letter contains frenzied philosophizing on the nature of man. He is anxious to join the professional…

Horace mentions to his brother his studies in history and geography, but writes more evocatively concerning the exhibition ball that took place January 16th. It appears that there were two balls that evening, one held by the scholars and a second run…

Myron mentions that Horace had been ill and had been bled, but that he recovered quickly and is doing well in geography. Myron once again reminds his father of the advantages of a Williams education. He also invites his father to come to the…

Curtis sends general news of Williams life in his usual witty style. He invites Milton to an exhibition on January 16 and thinks the visit with his old College friends will do Milton good.

Fitch thanks Milton for the letter Milton sent by his brother, Myron. He also tells of students Bradford Marcy and Daniel Tomlinson, the one who left College and the other who has joined Fitch's class. He also expresses his opinion of Locke and…
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