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The stage and audience at Williams College's Commencement ceremonies in Mission Park, 1970

Commencement crowd in front of Hopkins Hall, including students in robes followed by a band, and other attendees. Horse and carriage can be seen at right.

People dressed in Commencement robes, followed by musicians and little girls in dresses carrying umbrellas, walk past Hopkins Hall.

Milton who is at home in Salisbury, writes to Myron and asks for news of school. He tells Myron that he will visit Williams soon and bring textbooks.

Milton informs his father that he has safely arrived at school and that he will be studying geography until vacation. He likes the town and his rooming situation, and has paid his board to Mr. Dewey.

Milton tells his father that a storm has delayed Horace's trip home from school, and that he himself will be home for vacation in two weeks after he's finished his study of geography. He includes a list of schooling expenses such as tuition, room…

No significant news. Judson thanks Milton for his letter dated July 9, 1794, and mentions Milton's upcoming trip to New York.

Thomas waxes rhapsodic regarding the act of corresponding with friends, an especially needful activity when "studying becomes tiresome or insiped [sic]."

Fitch expresses joy at hearing from Milton, and invites him to an exhibition at the College on January 20.

Thomas invites Milton to Williamstown for the vacation, and comments on Milton's description of Genesee.
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